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A Shameless Plug

January 9, 2014

Our new book is finally out

Cropped from EuroGP’08 src.

Ronan Nugent is our editor at the publisher Springer DE. He is a combination of an acquisitions editor—or commissioning editor in the British Isles—and a project editor. The former signs up the authors, and the latter sees the copy through from the manuscript to bound book

Today Ken and I want to thank him for helping get our latest book published.

The book is titled People, Problems, and Proofs: Essays from Gödel’s Lost Letter: 2010. It is available from its Springer publication page and also from Amazon here.

Getting a book published is changing with the rise of the Internet, with the creation of Kindle and other e-readers, and with the ability to print books on demand. Here is an interesting site on the history of publishing. They start with cave drawings around 40,000 BCE, move to clay tablets—tablets are not so new—around 3,000 BCE, jump to Romans who already in 100 BCE were selling books, continue to 1456 when the Bible became the first book published on a press using movable type, and progress through 1925–1967 as the time when “magazine space explodes.” Almost half their entries, however, are from 1995 onward when the Web went wide, and they end with Amazon’s announcement in 2011 that e-books were outselling printed ones.

Our book is available printed and as an e-book, but not as a clay tablet. Having it translated into cuneiform would be fun, yet its length of 320 pages might make the shipping charges a bit too much. In “e-iform” it costs somewhat less than {2^{5}} dollars, while hardback—milled papyrus rather than clay—is a penny under {2^5 + 2^3}.


The Book

The book is based on posts from 2010, which seems like ages ago. We have written over three full years of posts since then. In our opinion some of the posts we did back then were really interesting. One of the main reasons to make it into a book is to entice you to read not just current posts, but also older ones—some that we hope you will still enjoy very much.

Another reason for making it a book is that books are more permanent and archival. We hope that WordPress continues supporting GLL for a long time, allowing us to continue to publish GLL on-line for free. Yet one never really knows what the future will bring. Hence the book.

A pretty obvious question is why buy the book, when those “old” posts are still on-line? A very good question. We would like to suggest several reasons:

  • It has something new. Perhaps the best reason is that some of the book is new. The entire first chapter is a long, well written—I can say that since it was 99% the work of Ken—summary of the 12 days of crowdsourced review of Vinay Deolalikar’s {\mathsf{P \neq NP}} proof claim. In the rest we did not follow a chronological sequence but rather brought some themes together.

  • It’s updated. A related reason is that we have updated, corrected, and we hope polished some of the posts. We hope this makes them easier to read and enjoy.
  • We love books. We love the ability to flip through a book, to scan the printed pages, to hold the actual book. We are book lovers. Perhaps you are too. Isaac Asimov was—the answer to the riddle at the end of our last post is that the “devices” he “predicted” are books.
  • It’s cheap. At least compared to our first book it is certainly priced to sell.
  • Help us. Not really, since unless some crazy event happens we will make a very small amount from the book. Of course it will be infinitely more than we currently make for all the work that goes into GLL.

  • It has a secret. Finally, we used lexical steganography to encode: the secret to {\mathsf{P} = \mathsf{NP}}, how our time machine works, and lots more. It’s so secret that we forgot how we encoded the bits, but it must be the value of some low-complexity mapping {f} applied to the plaintext files we sent to Springer.

So please buy the book, read it, and then post a review. Or buy the book, post a review, and then read the book.

Open Problems

Thanks for all your support, and we hope you enjoy the book.

[added book pic]

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 10, 2014 7:58 pm

    congratulations! thx for coming down on price! I knew if I waited you guys might eventually compromise :p
    it would be interesting if you reviewed fortnows new P=?NP book sometime too. just read it awhile back, liked it. he did mess up the idea of weather prediction. he needs to read about the lorentz attractor. surprising omission! the book reads like scifi at times & thats always amusing coming from conservative scientists. your blog is not all that different in that way either. the big question is, did you keep in all the funky movie references? 😆

  2. January 12, 2014 7:58 am

    Ordered the hardcopy, looking forward to a good read

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