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Predicting When P=NP is Resolved

December 22, 2019

Has it outlasted the ability to estimate when?

Composite of src1, src2

Ryohei Hisano and Didier Sornette wrote in 2012 a paper titled, “On the distribution of time-to-proof of mathematical conjectures.”

Today Ken and I discuss predicting the end to mathematical conjectures. This is apart from considering odds on which way they will go, which we also talk about.
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An Ancient Conjecture on Primes

December 15, 2019

After 50 years we still are baffled by the primes.

Cornell faculty album source

Juris Hartmanis needs no introduction. But we can note this long interview last February by the Heidelberg Laureate Foundation. His sister, Astrid Ivask, was a worldrecognized poet.

Today Ken and I wish to discuss one of his old conjectures.
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Héctor Garcia-Molina, 1953–2019

December 8, 2019

We all lost a great person

Cropped from Mexican NotiCyTI obit

Héctor Garcia-Molina died just before Thanksgiving. He was a computer scientist and Professor in both the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Today Ken and I write in sadness about his passing and to express some personal appreciations.
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End-to-End Encryption: A Problem

December 3, 2019

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“Unsung Entrepreneur” source

Adolph Ochs was the owner of the New York Times. In 1897 he created the paper’s slogan, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” We at GLL would like some suggestions on our own slogan. Send us your ideas. Please no suggestion of “All the news that fits we print,” as that is already out there.

Today Ken and I wish to comment on a recent article in the NYT that was on end-to-end encryption.
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Predicating Predictivity

November 29, 2019

Plus predicaments of error modeling

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Sir David Spiegelhalter is a British statistician. He is a strong voice for the public understanding of statistics. His work extends to all walks of life, including risk, coincidences, murder, and sex.

Today we talk about extending one of his inventions.
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A Clever Way To Find Compiler Bugs

November 19, 2019

Your comments are valuable, we thank you.


Xuejun Yang is a Senior Staff Engineer at FutureWei Technologies. He is the DFA on the 2011 paper, “Finding and Understanding Bugs in C Compilers.”

Today Ken and I discuss a clever idea from that paper.
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Goldbach: A Curious Conjecture

November 11, 2019

Models of the primes

[ Montreal ]

Andrew Granville writes brilliant papers that explain hard results in number theory. He also proves hard results in number theory.

Today, Ken and I use the famous Goldbach conjecture to discuss a third rail: how to identify which results “should be” true even though they have been too hard to prove.
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